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Re: Tt: Canopy Cover

American Forests has conducted ecosystem analyses and determined tree cover
percentages for the following cities of: Atlanta - 27%, Austin - 34%,
Baltimore - 31% and Milwaukee - 18%. The studies averaged %'s for business
districts, office/urban residential and suburban residential. I don't have
American Forests' number handy but you should call and find out more about
these studies. I thought I understood Seattle was slated for study by their
methodolgy, which employs their CityGreen computer software.

I seriously doubt the figures you mentioned for Chicago and Boston could be
accurate unless they are suburban residential. They would still be higher
than I would expect even there. 
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>   Subject:  Canopy Cover
>I have been asked to provide canopy coverage for other cities as a
>comparrison to Seattle's 27%.  I have Chicago with a 63% canopy
>cover and Boston having a 68% cover.  Are these correct and could I
>get canopy cover percentages for other cities especially Phoenix,
>Minneapolis, New York, LA, Atlanta?
>Thanks very much.
>Liz Ellis
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