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Tt: fall colors

I am not a forester, although I recently joined the staff of a nonprofit
organization that supports urban and community forestry.  Recently I was
asked to speak to kindergarteners about fall colors.  To prepare, I read
as much as possible about why trees change color in fall (anthocyanins
etc.) I was afraid the students would ask me about conifers as well!
Began wondering myself why "evergreens" do not change color. Do they
continue food production in fall and winter? If not, why isn't
chlorophyll absorbed (sic) as in deciduous trees so that the various
reds, yellows and oranges are seen? :-)
thanks for any light you can shed on this for me - Sue Nickler, Forest
ReLeaf of Missouri - moreleaf@anet-stl.com
PS - from Maryland myself and enjoy reading about urban forestry in
Baltimore area. Keep up the good work!

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