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TT: RE: Fall color ...

 On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Thomas W. Kimmerer wrote:

 ... Two last observations:  1) one can't help but notice the great
 beauty of hickories in the fall, and wish they could have more of
 a place in the landscape; and 2) there are an amazing number of
 non-native trees in the Shenandoah valley, and on the edges of
 Shenandoah National Park.  Ailantus altissima is especially abundant ...

 It's always a gift having Forest Biologist Tom Kimmerer's insightful
 and generous contributions to the discussions here.  Being an amateur
 tree enthusiast myself, it is painful to admit that I *really* don't
 know my hickories.  I'll quote you some lore from the classic texts
 on these great trees over the coming weekend (while you can still
 enjoy their seasonal color).  Following are a couple of late items ...

 Our colleague David Doyle, whose World Ecology Digest (WED) is one
 of the best sources on the 'Net for current nature studies, apparently
 suffered some inhospitable bashing from some unfriendly and unthinking
 powers-that-be in recent days.  David - if you're reading this, we
 often quote from you here in TreeTown, and we are with you my man.
 Please keep up the good works.

 We have signed on several new members to the list following some
 announcements on a handful of kindred newsgroups (TreeTown is a
 mailing list, a newsgroup looks like 'rec.animals.wildlife').  It's
 probably a good time now to ask for member introductions, which is
 always an interesting read.  I encourage our reporters to speak in
 your own language about what is important to yourself about your own
 local forest.  Please don't worry about sounding too much like either
 an expert or a novice.  Experience has shown that ordinary folks
 seeking real-world advice on tree stewardship has generated much of
 our best correspondences (including the 'fall colors' cited above).

 In life there are no simple questions, and even less simple answers.
 Perhaps someone could tell us about caring for trees in the winter,
 about providing water when the ground freezes.  Most experts will
 caution you against fertilizing trees at this time (in the northern
 hemisphere), for one example ...

 Baltimore USDA Zone 7
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