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Re: TT: RE: Fall color ...

 On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Paul Dykema wrote:

> I've been a City Forester for 15 years and currently work for Lansing
> Mi.  Last week a very wet snow fell and stuck to the leaves. The result
> was 15000 broken trees along streets and many more privately owned
> trees. Don't plant Norway maple!!!

 Wow - 15000 trees, that really hurts.  It's appreciated you're sharing
 this with the list.  We (Americans) have often complained about Norway
 maples, even as handsome a steet tree as they are.  This seems to be
 saying that a species from Norway is not well-equipt to handle heavy
 wet snows.  That is surprising to hear, and another reason for avoiding
 them.  Acer platanoides and its purple cultivar are one of the most
 popular ornamentals in the US and Canada -- easily one of the widest
 planted trees here in the Baltimore area.  Plant Red maples (A. rubrum)!

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