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TT: Intro

 Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 21:02:35 -0500
 From: Bruce Crichton <rainbow1@jax-inter.net>

        As a long-time lurker, I must finally send along greetings from the
Sunshine State.   I own 5 acres of rural land (yes, there are many, many
heavily forested and underpopulated areas in Florida, especially here in the
northern part), with numerous stands of live oak, an utterly fascinating
tree (a sort of evergreen deciduous), and I originally subscribed to learn
more about it's husbandry.
        After over a year of reading, I am encouraged that many people that
remain connected to cities, especially in the northeast (I am originally
from D.C.), see trees as an answer to many problems and opporunities.   I am
merely an interested by-stander with absolutely no professional credentials
(I am in fact employed by a home improvement retailer, but we pointedly do
not sell old-growth lumber), but I would add to the list in future where I
can.   BTW, did you know that there is an indigenous cactus in this part of
Florida?   A type of Prickly-Pear with soft spines, bred to feed the cattle
in the sandy soil of the area (Florida is still one of the largest producers
of beef!).
        Thank you for the good work and enlightening discussions.

 Bruce Crichton
 Jacksonville (and Interlachen) Florida