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TT: Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen

Article from today's UK Independent:


           Robin Hood's forest planted

           Tree planting begins today on 14 colliery
           waste tips in Nottinghamshire. The Forestry
           Commission said the result of planting two
           million saplings over the next 18 months will
           be to restore Sherwood Forest to its
           greatest size since the Middle Ages. 

           The 10m project involves eight former pits
           covering around 2,000 acres. In the past,
           old tips would normally have been restored
           to farmland, but this time it has been
           decided that reforestation would bring
           bigger environmental benefits as well as
           encouraging investment. 

           The land has been transferred from British
           Coal to Nottinghamshire County Council in
           perpetuity. Six of the old colliery sites will
           be redeveloped to attract new businesses. 

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