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TT: Regional Forestry Councils

      Date:  12/19/1997  01:40 pm  (Friday)
      From:  Liz Ellis
        To:  "Community_Forestry <TreeTown@Majordomo.Flora.Com> at
   Subject:  Regional Forestry Councils

Seasons Greetings! The Washington State Community Forestry Council is
exploring the possibility of adding regional councils to our current
executive committee. We see there would be many advatages-more support for
local issues, less distance to travel, easier for people to get to
meetings, and get more folks involved. I remember hearing in Atlanta that
the Illinois Council has this sort of structure. I would appreciate
hearing from them and others as to how their charter and bylaws are
written and any other recommendations for Washington State.  Thank you.

Liz Ellis, out-going Chair WCFC
600 Fourth Avenue, Room 410
Seattle, WA 98104