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Re: TT: Nodes (fwd)

 Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 21:45:14 -0800
 From: harbourMoon Studio <emelle@harbourMoon.Ca>
 To: RT Ellsberry <rtells@Flora.Com>

> One intense part of all this, as I dimly comprehend it, is The
> Node.  We humans are accustomed during development of cells wildly
> differentiating into all manner of properties and functions -- bone,
> teeth, nails, nerves, glands, blood, hair, muscle, skin, eyes ...
> Well think about these trees for a bit.  A branch is growing along,
> adding on thousands upon thousands of identical cells, forming a
> relatively simple, lengthening tube form.  Then something happens,
> but what ? Some catastrophe happens.  Differentiation.  Bifurcation.

 BraVo Ricardo !! Bravo...

 Miguel deLorenzo