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TT: Ice Storm in Eastern Canada (Fwd)

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 Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 09:07:18 -0800
 From: "Arnott, Jim" <jarnott@PFC.Forestry.CA>

Those of you outside N. America may be unaware of the serious ice storm
that has struck eastern Canada and the NE of the United States, as
mentioned by Gerry Hawkes' posting this morning.  After four days, and
more than 60 mm of freezing rain, everything in the city of Montreal is
covered by at least 10 mm of ice.  You can imagine what that has done to
the city trees, not to mention the havoc that is has wrecked with more
than 3 million people in that area alone without electrical power.
Gerry's analogy to trees cracking like gunfire was also used in the news
reports this morning, that you can access at.

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