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TT: Re: fun books?

        There is a publication called "The Weeder's Digest". I'm not sure
how often it 
is printed. It is a humorous look at gardening with some pretty good
stories. I don't recall the publisher so you'll have to search a bit. Good
luck !
> From: Mary Bedard <mlbedard@ucdavis.edu>
> To: Community Forestry <Treetown@Majordomo.Flora.Com>
> Subject: TT: fun books?
> Date: Friday, January 16, 1998 7:12 PM
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> I was searching Virginia Tech's website for info on people-plant
> and found this interesting-sounding title:
> The Winter of Our Discount Tent, a humorous look at flora, fauna, and
> foolishness outdoors by Jim Mize (FW '75, M.S. AGEC), won the Outdoor
> Association's 1995 Award for Excellence. It contains chapters such as
> "Gnuts to Gnats," which the author calls "the bug version of junk mail."
> University of South Carolina Press, Columbia, SC 29208.
> Enjoy,
> Mary
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