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Re: TT: Re: California dreaming

Thanks for the chuckles, Tom!  
Are there other medium-size trees besides willow that have deep yellow
bare branches?  I glimpsed some on the way to the SF Bay area yesterday
between the sheets of rain, but didn't stop to key anything out. :)
Lest anyone think I am basking in sunshine and working on a tan, I am
pleased to let you all know that the entire Pacific Ocean lifted up and
deposited itself on California yesterday, and there was nothing to be
seen but water everywhere! 
I don't know if there is a connection, but I haven't received any email
since early Sunday morning -- our campus server must be having a huge
problem.  If anyone sent personal messages, please try again, as I don't
know if they have lost mail.
Swimmingly yours,

Tom Kimmerer wrote:
>  -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Bah, humbug on beautiful California days!  Here in Kentucky it has been
> cloudy and gloomy for several weeks, with no payoff of snow.