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Re: TT: Aspiring Forester?

I'm not sure "aspiring" is the appropriate adjective irrespective of
whether the person intended to be a forester, arborist or horticulturist.
Leave off "piring" and double the "s".
Oh maybe he was just ignorant. We've all been guilty of that haven't we? <G>

At 08:27 AM 1/22/98 -0800, you wrote:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
>On 1/22/98, Asculus wrote ----------
>>> While traveling thru Statesboro, Ga. a few years ago, I noticed a local
>> hotel had pruned their 30'  Live Oaks into a box shape much to my horror
>(probably an
>> aspiring forester). Thank goodness, the trees have been "put to sleep"
>> since.
>I am not sure why it would be an aspiring forester.  Tree trimming is not a
>practice I learned in forestry school.  I would think it would be an
>aspiring arborist or a horticulturist.  
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