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TT: Pecan nut trees

 Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 12:40:47 -0500
 To: Community_Forestry <TreeTown@Majordomo.Flora.Com>
 From: Hill-Craddocl@utc.edu (Dr. J. Hill Craddock)
 Dear Carolyn,

       The cultivated pecan is Carya illinoinensis, native to a broad area
of southeastern U.S.A. and Mexico.  According to Wolstenholme (1982: Pecan
Quart. 16(4):4-10), more than 2000 hectares of pecan are in commercial
production in the country of South Africa. Two good North American
references on pecan are:

Thompson, T.E. and Grauke, L.J. (1991?)  Pecans and other hickories
(Carya). Pages 839-904 in:  Moore, J.N. and Ballington, J.R. (eds.) Genetic
resources of Temperate fruit and nut crops. Acta Horticulturae 290, Vol. 2.
International Society for Horticultural Science, Wageningen. ISBN

Sparks, D. (1992)  Pecan Cultivars - The Orchard's Foundation.  Pecan
Production Innovations, Watkinsville, GA, USA.  ISBN 0-9631839-0-7.

Good Luck!
Hill Craddock

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