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Re: TT: Re: your mail


To answer Lisa:

> > My favorite name for Ghetto Palms (Ailanthus) is still the Baltimore City
> > Walnut!
> > 
> Where does the nut come in?  

As you might (must) know, Ghetto Palms don't have nuts, they have seeds
which are similar in appearance to those from an Ash...  But!!!  Their
leaves are almost identical to those of a Black Walnut.  At a distance of
more then a few feet, it is hard to tell the two apart.  Hence the
nick name...

I know of only one Black Walnut (in a back yard) in our neighborhood,
and it is playing incognito.  Most people think it is one of those "weed
trees."  ( 'must be the dark glasses!)   But those in the know, collect
the nuts for their Christmas cookies.  :)