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Seeds, Phenology, Sequence of Bloom: Seed Balls

Spring is just around the corner, and seed planting time is 
underway in many parts of the country. 

A few topics I'm compiling links and references on this spring:

*Low-input wildflower establishment (i.e., seed balls) 

*Seed treatments (biodynamic preparations, hydrogen peroxide,  
  biostimulants, magnetism, bacteriazation, aryuveda) 

*Phenology & Flowering Dates:  
  sequence of bloom for wildflowers & perennials, 
  phenology=degree days=insect emergence,  
  natural seasonal phenomena correlated with plant phenology,   
  crop planting dates correlated with plant phenology,   
  pest management tricks correlated with plant phenology

Especially if you have anything on seed treatments used in organic,
sustainable, biodynamic farming systems, please forward them to me.  

Steve Diver

As a starting point, check out the very informative web page 
by Jim Bones on seed balls.  It features awe inspiring photographs,
earth restoration concepts and practices, wisdom from Masanobu
Fukuoka, and cool web links. 

Note:  There is 30-minute video titled "The Seed Ball Story." 

Jim Bones' "Light Writings" web page: 

[Agriculture - Art - Biodiversity - Earth Education - Fukuoka - 
Nature - Seed Balls - Watersheds - Wilderness]

Seed Balls: A New Tool for Revegetation (Table of Contents)

Page 1.   Seed Balls - Preface: New use of old ways, a tool for
Page 2.    Seed Balls - Masanobu Fukuoka, Sensei of Natural
Page 3.   Seed Balls - I. What they are and how to make them. 
Page 4.   Seed Balls - II. How to apply them. 
Page 5.   Seed Balls - An introduction - Part A. 
Page 6.   Seed Balls - An introduction - Part B. 
Page 7.   Seed Balls - III. A word of caution. 
Page 8.   Seed Balls - Sources of materials. 
Page 9.   Seed Balls - The von Bachmayr Rotary Drum. 
Page 10.  Seed Balls - The Seed Ball Story, an instructional
video tape. 
Page 11.  Seed Balls - Research, applications and related
Page 12.  Seed Balls - On A Green Mountain, a visit with
Masanobu Fukuoka.