Re: GBlist: Request info on Dow Corning's FORMULAR rigid pol

Nadav Malin (
Tue, 11 Feb 97 13:03:09 -0000

>There's been some shake up among the major foam board manufacturers. I
>believe that UC Industries and their "Foamular" brand were purchased by
>Owens-Corning. Amoco sold their insulation products, including the RCY
>recycled content line, to Tenneco. You can find all these companies in
>REDI by searching for the category "Rigid Foam Board Insulation" or by
>"Extruded" "Expanded" or Polyisocyanurate". Dow is still Dow.
We're closing in here...
Yes, it is Owens Corning that bought Foamular. The pink color and
insulation were more than the panther could resist...

Amoco's entire foam products division was sold to Tenneco. Cafeteria
trays and stuff, as well as insulation. In spite of promises that it
wouldn't happen, shortly after the sale Amoco discontinued its recycled
content Amofoam RCX and RCY lines of insulation. Technically the RCX
stuff is still available, but I was told that they're not making it
unless someone comes up with a big enough order. So, at least for now
there is no recycled-content extruded polystyrene on the market.

Basically, working with recycled resin was a pain, and cost more. The
virgin resin is still too cheap. And the market wouldn't accept any
premium for the recycled content product, in spite of people's
indications in focus groups that they would pay more for environmentally
friendly products. The Amoco folks think that has to do with the fact
that the foam purchasers are usually the contractors, not the homeowners
who might make the right choice if faced with it directly.

More details in the current (February) issue of Environmental Building


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