GBlist: water softeners

Jim Newman (
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 23:35:07 -0500

OK, we have discussed magnetic water conditioners some - a few months back - and they seem to work pretty well. But how about "galvanic" and "catalytic" conditioners? Anyone with some experience or knowledge?

This is the issue: a regular sodium based water softening system dumps 1 to 2 thousand gallons of salt water into the septic system/city sewer one or two times a week. This is a lot of very salty water. Your city sewer treatment system might be able to handle it (?) but your septic sytem/ aquifer will be hard pressed. And it's a lot of water to blow off. This sounds like a possible environmental disaster to me...and there seem to be a few others - like the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - concerned too.

So, do the "no-salt" systems - magnetic, catalytic, galvanic - work?
Help !

Jim Newman, Construction Forum, Inc.

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