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> would like more info on your hands-on workshops
> Gerrrad Burrs

Contact Black Range Lodge about the natural building colloquium in
June, I hope to be there and building a toilet along with other
presenters. (see CC above for contact email address)

We just finnished two Seminars in composting toilets, pasteurization,
and solar assists. Tentatively have a two day workshop planned for
Silver City, NM in Sept. which will tour existing composting toilets in
the area and include the full day-long CT design critique, evaluation,
and presentation of our systems.

We are available for workshops out of state for a minimal fee (mostly
expenses) as long as someone can take the responsibility for promotion,
location, logistics, and plan it to our schedules. I prefer to have Dr.
Cobb come along because he adds so much to the professional aura.
However he is retired and will only come if it will be pleasurable for
him. I have done many of these workshops by myself though, both in the
private workshop arena and in an academic setting.

We will probably limit enrollments to 30 and only team teach 3 to 4
seminars per year. We still have our mostly volunteer research and
development work to keep up with.

see ya in cyberspace
Ron S

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