GBlist: cellulose insulation; live roofs; TJIs; stem roofs and foundations, etc.

Robert Seelig (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 17:07:38 -0700

I am working with a group in Moab, Utah who are designing and building
themselves a straw bale common house for a co-housing community. The
building s a 2500 square foot building using straw bales and timber
framing. The building will be entirely off the grid and powered by PVs
and hyrdo power. The building will be designed to maximize passive
solar efficency. We Have several questions:

1) Cellulose Insulation - How do you insure that there is an air space
for ventilation if one blows the cellulose in the cavity? Is an air
space necessary? How do you design to insure an air space?

2) TJI - The maximize span of roof joists will be 24 feet. We are
considering using TJIs? Are there any other products that are
recommmended? What are they? Who are the suppliers. Note we are
considering installing a live roof, we need a product that can
accomodate the load of a live roof?

3) Live Roof _ We are debating the pros and cons of installing a live
roof. We would like to discuss with anyone who has experience building
as well as living with a live roof what are the pros and cons. We are
especially interested in talking with someone who lives in a desert
environment such as Moab.

4) Stem Wall and Foundation - We are considerng using Faswall blocks
and we are wondering whether there are other products we should
consider. We would like to minimize the use of concrete.

5) Used Cement Mixer - We would like to buy a used gas powered 4 to 6
cubic foot cement mixer. If you live within 200 miles more or less from
Moab, we would like to talk with you.

6) Heating and Cooling Equipment recommendations - while we will be
designing the building in order to minimize the need for auxillary
heating and cooling systems we anticipate the need for auxillary
systems. Are there particular manufacturers and models that people
recommend, why and how do we get information?

7) Insulation - Is there other insulation other than cellulose that
people would recommend for the ceiling/roof. We are looking for items
which are cost effective and easy to install. We are planning to have
R-40 to R 50 insulation for the ceiling. We are also looking for
recommendations for rigid Board insulation.

8) We are also researching types of windows and doors. Are there
particular manufacturers people like or dislike.

Thank you,

Robert Seelig
Moab, Utah
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