GBlist: Re: design services on the GB list

Marc J. Rosenbaum (
15 Feb 97 08:10:35 EST

--- You wrote:
Maybe someone of the GB list would be willing to run an energy analysis of
the building to help determine the heating and cooling loads, and give you
an idea how big a system you'll need, if you will post the thermal envelope
--- end of quoted material ---

I feel that the listserv group is a place to trade info and thoughts, not to
provide free design services and consulting to any person who wanders in. Do
other people feel differently? I don't want to impose my view unilaterally,
but I am concerned about cluttering up the list with people who have little to
offer but are looking for free service.

And do others really have the time to run free energy analyses and size HVAC

Marc Rosenbaum (cranky)
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