Re: GBlist: Re: design services on the GB list

Marc J. Rosenbaum (
15 Feb 97 13:22:26 EST

--- You wrote:
Additionally intimidated by the
sometimes mean spirited commentary.

If you don't want to contribute your valued services on the site, simply
don't reply or offer them as a purchasable service. Some of us are, in
fact, getting a wealth of "free" advice. Isn't this in part what this
web is all about? Or is it only for discourse of the "rocket
--- end of quoted material ---

I apologize to all if my commentary is mean-spirited. I see a distinction
between sharing of knowledge and asking for someone to design your project for
free. My opinion, sorry if I offend.

We all have something to offer and my preference is to see it as a sharing, not
a one-way "taking".

Glad it's nice in Prescott. Easier climate to do energy-efficient buildings
in, too.

Marc Rosenbaum
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