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Pat Ballentine (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 11:36:40 +0000

I'm passing along a request for submissions which was in the spring
issue of Joiner's Quarterly Newsletter. (It's also the Fox maple School
of Traditional Building) Editor Steve Chappell included this notice
about an upcomming book, The Natural Builder Source Book.

"Whenever we publish information about a building product made of
natural or renewable resources, we're inundated with calls for more
information. In an effort to make things easier for everyone, we've
committed to publishing a sourcebook of building products, companies,
and schools dedicated to the concept of sustainable building. In order
to make this a comprehensive resource, we will be including products,
publications, natural home designers, builders and architects, schools,
and researchers. If you have a product or service that we should know
about, please send us a description and/or a sample for us to review.
The deadline for submission of materials is June 30, 1997. The
projected publishing date is October 15, 1997."

In the article, "Real houses for Real People," Steve describes the
concepts they will explore in workshops during 1997: wattle and daub,
woodchips and clay, light straw/clay, and straw/clay blocks. In the
past, along with their mainstay--timberframing, Fox Maple School has
addressed straw-bale construction, masonry heaters and a number of other
topics. I have subscribed to this small journal for several years and
have found it worthwhile.

Hope some of you will respond with your special skills and products.
JQ's web site is down right now, but email is <>

Pat Ballentine


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