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Press release 08/02/97

The Centre for Sustainable Design to launch ground-breaking
journal covering product design issues and sustainability

The Journal of Sustainable Product Design will be quarterly
publication cover the complex issues surrounding the implications
of the economic, environmental, ethical and social issues in
product design and development. Editorial will aim to balance
practical issues as they affect us today, as well as exploring
new ideas and thinking. The journal will focus on a wide range
of issues from managing the eco-design process to
dematerialisation and life cycle assessment and eco-innovation.
Importantly, the journal will cover a broader agenda than
environmental issues in product design and development. The first
issue will be published in April 1997.

The journal will provide objective analysis, with articles from
leading thinkers and practitioners around the world. There will
also be case histories, interviews, research and surveys, as well
as a section on innovative ideas, a gallery of images of
sustainable product design, reviews, and a diary of events. A
unique feature will be a downloadable Internet version of the
journal, which will be accessible via a password.

The journal will be edited by Martin Charter and Anne Chick from
The Centre for Sustainable Design, with the support of an
international editorial board. Members have been recruited
worldwide and include Jacqueline Aloisi de Larderel, Director,
Industry and Environment, UNEP (France), Dr Brad Allenby,
Director of Environmental, Health & Safety, AT&T (US), Dr Stefano
Marzano, Head of Corporate Design, Philips International
(Netherlands), Professor Ezio Manzini, Director, Facolta di
Architettura, Unita di ricerca Progetto, Prodotto, Ambiente,
Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and Dorothy MacKenzie, CEO, Dragon
International (UK).

For more information contact:

Martin Charter
Joint Coordinator
The Centre for Sustainable Design
Surrey Institute
Falkner Road

t: 01252-732229
f: 01252-732274

dear colleagues--we are looking for 1500 to 2500+ word articles covering
sustainable product design--if you are interested in writing an article please
advise and we will send a leaflet and contributor guidelines.

best wishes--->martin charter
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