GBlist: Re: nmsea outreach

Karlis Viceps (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 08:52:57 -0700 (MST)

I have City of Austin's Green Builder Program as a base, and have
made a request to them concerning propriety rights of using much of
their format. We, NMSEA, needs ideas for how to get cities, county and
state to legislate and oversee an actual program. NMSolar Energy Assoc.
is all volunteer with no funds towards this beyond membership dues.
The NMSEA Green Builder Coalition intent is to give a unified
representation to many of the small businesses that are
experimenting with alternative materials, non-toxic products,
off-grid homes, rainwater harvesting, and no waste design goals.

On Fri,
14 Feb 1997, Ron Sutcliffe wrote:

> Dear people on this list;
> please read this message from the president of the New Mexico Solar
> Energy Association, NMSEA, and give us you feedback on this endevour.
> Do you know of others doing the same type of thing? Is there some words
> from the wise on this? Are there some folks out there that can help us
> get this going? Any comments will be appriciated. Respond to me and I
> will foward or contact Karlis directly.
> thanks; Ron S
> Karlis Viceps wrote:
> > 5. The Green Builder Coalition
> > NMSEA along with The Natural Step-NM and several local non-profits
> > are working together to promote and develop an ecologically based
> > construction industry. A "Sunrating" program is being establish based on
> > sustainable living criteria. This is a database of professionals in New
> > Mexico that will help guide a future homeowner to someone that supports a
> > sustainable future with their work. The overall goal of this Coalition is
> > to dramatically change the construction and development industry to be a
> > non-extractive industry that works with the earth's natural ecosystems.
> > 8. Website
> > Read more about our history and upcoming events on our website:
> > (then select item 6)
> >
> > TEAM!
> > 505-776-2012
> >
> > Help us regenerate New Mexico as the Solar State of the Nation. Taos, NM
> > is already establishing itself as the Solar Capital of the World! NMSEA
> > desperately needs sponsors to continue this tremendous outreach effort!
> > Thank you.

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