GBlist: Magnetic Softener

Martin Waranch (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 15:50:11 -0500

I just installed a "ClearWave" conditioner. It is "supposed" to soften
water, however, I cannot tell. I am on a municipal supply that is not
too hard, but used to have a well and conventional salt system. I liked
the "slippery" feel (we had to soften,it was hard and carried iron), but
could not justify the $1000+ cost to install when only the asthetic was
missing from my current supply.
The Clearwave is under $180 - worth a try. You can find info on them at . The fluid is not "slippery" as I recall,
however, that could have been the sodium ions replacing the magnesium.
It comes with a money back guarantee, but I suspect it is doing what
they say it does -even if I cannot "really" tell.
If you have any info on this (or questions) let me know. Martin Waranch
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