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Mon, 24 Feb 1997 13:59:27 -0500

Dear John:

You obviously don't know what it is like to be disabled by MCS
(multiple chemical sensitivity) and or suffer from related
envronmental illnesses. I hope that you never have to truly
experience this nightmare. Thousands of people would love to be
free of this disenfranchising illness. They have been assigned
the role of *the canary in the mineshaft* but not by their own
choice. To use an analogy_would you consider someone a fanatic
who chose not to cook with lead pots or season their food with
arsenic, or line their walls with asbestos insulation? Would you
willingly live in a home where the exhaust of your furnace was
vented into the house? This is exactly the situation that these
thousands of people with MCS face in every environment every day
because of the lack of understanding by designers and
manufacturers. Since you are a subscriber to this list you of all
people should be willing to recognize that we must place the
health and safety of building occupants above convenience and
other economic concerns. When someone tells you they cannot
tolerate a certain odor or contaminant, you should give them the
benefit of the doubt. They know better than you what makes them
ill. Before labeling someone a fanatic I suggest you try to walk
in their shoes. Thank you for your increased awareness and

Incidently, liquid silicones may be the worst possible choice for
people with MCS.

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> Marc:
> Fanatics are hard to deal with because they aren't rational. I
like to
> use 100% silicone because it lasts a long time. You might
> aquarium grade. If fish like it a fanatic might also.
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