Re: GBlist: Dustmites

Bruce Sullivan (
Mon, 24 Feb 97 16:20:43 -0700

My experience also supports the idea that dust mites can't handle lower
relative humidity. Of course, Ken Gehring at Therma-stor has been saying
this for years.

Concerning the encasement products: My old terry cloth and vinyl pillow
covers have been slowly falling apart (after only ten years!). I picked
up a very comfortable replacement in the local department store (a
regional chain called Emporium). It seems to work and the thin plastic
coating is more comfortable than the heavy vinyl. Maybe the mass
merchandisers have discovered this niche.

Bruce S

>PS: Thanks to Terry Brennan, years ago I figured out I probably was allergic
>to dust mite Poop when I told him that I had lowered the RH in my home
>over the
>winter (from 55% to 40%) by running my HRV more, and I did't get a single

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