Re: GBlist: FYI - U.S. ranks last in carbon dioxide emission cut efforts

Norbert Senf (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 11:49:54 -0400

Bion D. Howard wrote:
> FYI - copied under Library Act, to non-profit organizations
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> U.S. ranks last in carbon dioxide emission cut efforts
> Source: Kyodo 3/3/97
> Kyodo via Individual Inc. : BONN, Feb. 28 (Kyodo) _ The United States
> ranked last and
> Japan last but one among 20 developed countries in terms of the level
> of reduction of carbon
> dioxide emissions, according to results of a survey released Friday by
> the World Wide Fund
> for Nature (WWF), a conservationists group.

Canada can't be too far behind. At the U.N. framework conference in Rio,
we agreed to reduce to 1990 levels by the year 2000, and last year the
government announced that we are going to miss that target by 8%.
Recently, our Minister of Natural Resources, Anne MacLelland, who hails
from the Alberta oil patch, refused to even put the topic of a carbon
tax on the table for discussion, after heavy industry lobbying efforts.

At the U.N. conference in Rio, George Bush had to be practically hit
over the head with a baseball bat in order to agree to ANY target at all
- wonder when these guys are going to get serious.
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