Re: GBlist: straw clay

Marc J. Rosenbaum (
05 Mar 97 08:13:44 EST

--- You wrote:
Marc: would love to know some specifics about the straw-clay dimensions of
structure relative to climate (wall thickness, type of clay used,
exterior/interior finish over the straw-clay). Presumably straw clay has
worked very well in northern climates in Europe, so it may be a case of under
design, poor installation -- who knows. But it would be good to understand
situation so we are better informed on potential limitations of straw-clay
relative to climate, since we get lots of inquiries on this technique due to
published reports of our work with it. Gail
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The problems I think are predominantly poor quality clay (they say now it is
silt instead) and I suspect not too great workmanship. I don't see the failure
as being climate related. Since I also had little success in making my own
straw-clay, with what appeared to pass the tests for usable clay, I caution
others to find the appropriate clay as a first step in using this material.

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