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Loren Abraham (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 19:45:36 -0500

Just some food for thought:
(Rob Watson) et al wrote:
> My guess is that some market research would be needed to
> whether and how much more homeowners would be willing to
spend to keep
> their kids from being poisoned (providing they can be or are
> that this is true in a conventional house--given the crap
they clean
> them with regularly, I'm not entirely convinced...) and
whether or not
> this was in line with the costs, margins, etc. of the
> builder.

One of the really exciting things about the WWW is the ease by
which fairly good research data can be obtained regarding a wide
range of issues. Screening of the respondants by any various
criteria can be done after the responses of a survey form are
automatically fed into a Database. Automated form links to
databases are quite easily accomplished with new shrink-wrapped
cgi tools available in HTML editors such as Claris Home Page which
creates links to Filemaker Pro DBs. Interpretation of the data and
margin of error still requires an experienced eye, but the point
is anyone with a web site having reasonably good volume of hits
can begin to gather heretofor prohibitively expensive primary
research data with modest added expense. Getting the right
respondants to visit your site merely requires getting links from
the right cyberplaces. We are beginning work on a number of such
research projects presently. It is also possible but more
problematic to do this with an automated email or listserv

Suggested methods:
1. Think about the burning questions you need answers to...
2. ....who would most likely provide those answers?
Age, education, profession, etc.
3. Where do those individuals hang out in Cyberspace?
4. How can I get them to visit my web site?
5. What different screening criteria will I want to use
to evaluate the data once I get it?
6. What secondary questions are needed qualify
the the answers I get?
7. Develop a web based survey instrument with cgi links to a
8. Publicise and offer incentives (contest, money, altruism, etc.)

>>>What is missing is the financial side. I am not a money man
>>>my friend is. He wants to know how integrating these concerns
>>>issues into his projects will benefit him financially.
>>>this means doing something like cost-benefit analysis (which I
>>>not comfortable with) on the following types of things:
>>>1. dollar returns on using energy efficient materials and
>>>2. how to market this kind of development in a "normal" suburb
and in an
>>>urban setting
>>>3. what margins could be charged to buyers to get an eco
friendly and
>>>healthy house
>>>4. what savings can be had in the building process
>>>5. other advantages of this type of building (lower water
charges, etc.)
>>>6. Proven projects where this has helped sell units

I think with a little help and some creative ideas these answers
are available to you right here and now.
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