GBlist: Ventilation per John Bower

John Salmen (
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 17:32:30 -0800

John Bower espoused:
> I haven't heard anyone comment on the baubiologie principle that houses
> should breathe naturally, so I'll offer my opinion. I think it's a dumb
> idea, and by continually espousing it, it takes credibility away from
> other baubiologie ideas.


Since a large part of your work originates in what were once considered
'dumb' ideas I take this comment as a potentially supportive position.

John Todd pioneered aquaculture waste treatment under a concept of
'living machines' - essentially optimizing natural biological processes
to deal with liquid waste management. The process is now so advanced
that industrial waste treatment facilities are in use that capitalize on
certain plants abilities to absorb and isolate specific potential toxins
eg. mercury which can then be recycled from the process.

The 'Breathing Wall' project at the Canada Life Assurance building in

headed by Dr. Michael Dixon, is essentially a 'living machine' project
designed to look at the potential of using closed ecosystems to deal
with indoor air quality. The project initially assumed that the system
would only effectively lock up water soluble toxins from the indoor air
environment but has inexplicably observed a documented reduction of
toluene from the buildings environment (non soluble).
Dumb ideas, eh? I'm glad not everyone thinks so.

John Salmen
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