Re: GBlist: New Office Building precedents - example
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 07:10:29 -0500 (EST)

The Society for the Protection of NH Forests in Concord, NH USA owns and
operates a 7,000 sf passive solar office building. It was built in 1980 at a
cost of $550,000. It's heavy timber frame is made from glu-lam lumber from
local red spruce, stud walls of rough native hemlock, paneling and trim from
local pine and hardwoods. The building was originally tested and shown to
receive up to 80% of it's heat from solar and use 75% less electricity than
typical office buildings its size (would be interesting to run through that
analysis again 16 years later.) A newly installed woodchip- gasifier
provides hot water to radiant baseboard as backup heat for that building and
primary heat to a new 5,000 sf addition (not solar due to site constraints)
and a 2,000 sf 100 year old farmhouse (renovated into additional office space
and living quarters.)
Many technologies are incorporated including:
-direct gain lobby with slate / concrete floor
-eutectic salts in ceilings
-double envelope conference room
-"Kalwall" water tubes
-mirrored blinds (to direct heat into salt bags)
-fan assisted envelope in main space
-high efficiency lighting (with occupancy sensors)
-daylight dimming control
-greywater recycling system
-solar cooling via thermosiphon (no central A/C)

The building has won several awards for innovative design, appeared in
several publications, and is still visited by hundreds of people per year.
It is open for tours during business hours. More info is posted on our web
site (I think.)

Paul Leveille
Society for the Protection of NH Forests
54 Portsmouth St
Concord, NH 03301 (USA)
603-224-9047 x 309 (voice mail)
603-228-0423 (fax) (E-mail)
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