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Tom Phillips (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 11:55:48 -0800

Jorg Ostrowski wrote:

>Further to the attached note, does anyone know whether it is
>possible to convert a diesel generator to an environmentally-sound
>fuel. The application is a 50 story office structure that uses its
>emergency generator 50 hours a year for the city's peak shaving
>requirements.It would be interesting to see any possibility of using
>this paid-for but seldomly used generator as a co-genset for
>electrical and heating requirements, and possibly export of power.
>Any constructive suggestions and references welcomed.

These sites may be helpful:
- -------------------------------
540-894-5126 Twin Oaks
Just ran across this info source in our library:

Biodiesel Report (by United Soybean Board!), 800.345.7661, editors
816.891.7644. Latest issue mentioned DOE emission study, contact Jeffery
James, 206.553.2079. Also, web site is under construction; contact
573.884.4008 and

I am also curious if just changing the fuel will meet air pollution
emission regulations in urban areas (see your local air pollution agency
and EPA). You may want to sell the diesel generator, and then use the $
to get natural gas co-gen. My neighbor is looking into micro-cogen
projects now, in case that applies to your needs.


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