Re: GBlist: medium-tech???

Norbert Senf (
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 08:27:13 -0400

Keith Robertson wrote:

>>(snip) Maybe MEDIUM-TECH is the greener way to construct??
> I think that this is a discussion worth having. Given all of the best
> technology and idiot-proof gadgetry that can digitize, economize, and
> organize our lives, there are those of us (you know, the ones that still
> have the 12:00 flashing on the VCR) that can find ways to foul the
> systems up, or at least ignore them to the point of making them next to
> useless. Conversely, there are others that live very comfortably,
> economically and efficiently with the simplest of technologies.

This has been a little hobby horse of mine also. It stems partly from a
lot of involvement in "The House as a System" concept, which in its own
way was a big step forward in helping us to understand how houses really
work. Sometimes, I get the feeling that we need the pendulum to swing
back a bit, that us mechanical engineering types are perhaps a bit TOO
infatuated with sensors, fans, pumps and controllers. Anyway, I've got a
little weekend virtual project on the go, titled "The House as a Simple
System" and visitors are welcome to visit the virtual building site at
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