GBlist: Home Ventilation
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 18:29:37 -0500 (EST)

It looks like Nutone is taking ventilation seriously (at least in their
catalog) or the little guys are starting to look like competition. The
latest Nutone catalog shows heat exchangers and several control options,
including an "air sentry" monitor (no description) and what appears to be the
Tamarak Airetrak controller. Nutone lists several sizes of in duct fans for
bath venting, boosting dryer vents or radon mitigation. They also offer a
0.3 sone 50 cfm bath fan! They offer several motion sensor and humidity
sensing fans (which did not receive as good reviews in Energy Design Update
as similar Broan models because of the response of the humidity sensor.)

The most interesting product in the Nutone catalog is a "central air cleaning
system" that uses a system they call "turbulant flow precipitation" . It is
definitely NOT an electronic air cleaner. They claim 90% effectiveness with
particles of <1 ti 0.5 micron and that the system maintains almost 90%
efficiency over 4 years without any maintenance. Anybody know about this

By the way, Tamarack Technology's web page is
Dave Brook
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