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Subject: ecological design conference in Syracuse

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>Subject: ecological design conference in Syracuse
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>During April of 1997, the SUNY-College of Environmental Science & Forestry
>will host a series of speakers on the emerging discipline of ecological
>design. Ecological design as a field promises to rework the manner in
>which humanity grows foods, treats wastes, designs its structures, and
>interacts with the natural world. Perhaps even more importantly, it also
>may radically alter the economic and cultural systems which presently
>intertwine with techno-extractive-industrial modes of resource
>On April 4th, David Orr (director of Oberlin College's Environmental
>Studies program, founder of The Meadowcreek Project, and author of
>_Ecological Literacy_ and _Earth In Mind_) and John Todd (founder of the
>New Alchemy Institute and Ocean Arks International, and author of _From
>Ecocities to Living Machines_) will present and host a discussion from
>1:30-5:30 PM. This session will take place in Marshall Hall, on the
>SUNY-ESF campus, in Syracuse NY.
>On Thursday, April 17 at 7:00 PM, Mathis Wackernagle of the Institute for
>Sustainability Studies in Xalapa, Mexico, will present on "Ecological
>Footprints - a tool for assessing sustainability." This event also takes
>place in Marshall Hall, at SUNY-ESF.
>On Tuesday, April 22nd (Earth Day) at 3:00 PM, Helena Norberg Hodge
>(author of _Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh_ and the founder of the
>Ladakh project and the International Society for Ecology and Culture) and
>Roberto Guimaraes (a Brazilian delegate to the 1992 UNCED Earth Summit and
>author of _Ecopolitics: The politics of environment and development in
>Brazil_) will conclude the series. These talks and discussion sessions
>will occur in Hendricks Chapel, on the Syracuse University campus, which
>is adjacent to SUNY-ESF. This session will highlight the international and
>cultural aspects of development and environment.
>All events are free and open to the public, though donations to groups
>such as the Ladakh Project and Ocean Arks International are encouraged.
>The event is sponsored by the Graduate Student Association of SUNY-ESF,
>with assistance from other student groups, departments, and funds on the
>SUNY-ESF and SU campuses.
>For more information, e-mail me at the address below.
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> the hands of..extremism..& expediency" -HT Odum

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