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Re: GBlist: Recycled XPS

Marc J. Rosenbaum wrote:
(snip) One major expanded polystyrene producer, AFM,
> has sent me plenty of literature showing how EPS can be used below grade
> (though I think I prefer mineral fiber board there) and on flat roofs.  I think
> the XPS/urethane producers have perhaps done a fear number on us about EPS not
> being adequate in these applications - any experience out there?

Up here we have a material call type II board or double density board.
As its name implies, it is EPS board with double the density of regular
board. There is one local manufacturer, and you have to custom order it.
It used to be rated for below grade use, and carried a CMHC
certification number, but the demand was too low to justify maintaining
the certification. Oliver Drerup used it below grade on a number of
early R-2000 houses. 

We've experimented with it around our own place quite extensively,
including under slabs. My shop is post and beam with infill panels of 2"
type II EPS with 1/8" of Surewall on each side - extremely fast, cheap
(and non-code) stressed skin panels. Amazingly rigid once the two
tensile skins are on. The shop has an 8x8 foot insulated sliding door
with a stucco finish on each side that weighs about 100 lbs and cost
about $50.00 in materials.

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