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GBlist: Erosion control of seaside slide

I have an in inquiry regarding hillside erosion and controlling it. Any
ideas? Specific info:

>The rise of the area is 30ft, the length 100ft, the slope approximately 70
>It faces a cove that laps onto a granite rocky beach________ ,
>then there is a pile of flotsum________/////////, then the slope begins.
>The slope is regular soil, with scattered choke cherry trees, a shad tree,
>mimosa and bittersweet.
>Over the years, people have dumped both man made debris and yard waste over
>resulting in a tangled mess. Of course because of this there are only
>pockets of debris that have been able to break down and the bottom soil
>harbors little ground growth.
>My problem is there is a lot written about the planting recommended for such
>slopes but not anything on how to get it healthy to begin restructure and
>Lastly, the slope faces west and Is located in Plymouth, MA.  That of course
>means plenty of NorEast storms that brings seawater flow <-- <--<---<--
>across the rock beach.
>Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

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