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GBlist: Free Washington DC Straw Bale Presentation, April 25th.

Please let anyone interested in straw-bale construction know about this
announcement. Thanks.

There will be a straw-bale construction discussion held next Friday, April
25th, at the American Institue of Architecture's headquarters at 6:00 PM.
AIA's location is 1735 New York Ave, NW, Washington, DC, the meeting is
going to be in the "Louise Bethune Room". This discussion is a prelude to
the straw-bale wall raising the next day. There will be a general
presentation on straw-bale construction technique and a discussion on the
design of the Octogon 500 sq. ft. non-loadbearing building being built for
the Potomac Region Solar Energy Association's workshop headquarters. 

The discussion is free and open to all strawbale insterested individuals. 

The wall raising is a workshop costing $225 per person. The straw-bale wall
raising workshop is in conjunction with the 1997 Solar Energy Forum. Limited
space for the straw-bale wall raising workshop is still available. If you
are interested in the workshop please contact me by e-mail at energyi@nicom.com

Thanks for the bandwidth.

Joseph McCabe, P.E.
Energy Ideas, Owner
(301)530-1473 Phone & Fax
5411 Lincoln St. Bethesda, MD 20817

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