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GBlist: Masonry wall insulation

        I am a member of a food co-op in Minneapolis that is soon going
renovate a new space for their storefront.  The building in question is a c.
1940 brick and tile masonry building with clear span steel trusses.   The
building was originally an ice cream factory (without many interior walls)
and about 15 years ago, it was hacked into office suites by the owner.  Our
co-op needs to take down most of those partitions for our store so have a
chance to gut the place as much as we need to.
        The building is relatively uninsulated and I am fairly certain there
is very little insulation on the exterior walls of the building.  So my
question is what are some of the alternatives to foam board insulation and
sheetrock to insulate and finish the interior of the building.   An interior
finish that is durable and doesn't need much maintenance (like plaster)
would be nice also.  We could have the existing sheet rock removed to expose
the brick and tile and just plaster that but I need to add insulation.  
        I have seen a house where the stucco mason applied lime based
plaster directly onto rigid insulation that was put on the inside of the
house.  I'm not sure if that meets code but would be interested in pursuing
that if it was possible.  Please let me know of any other alternative
insulation/finishing products which accomplish what we are trying to do.
Maybe there is a product that has insulating properties and can be used as a
base to apply interior plaster to.   I did a search of the REDI database and
found a product called 
'Fiberiffic'.  Here's part of the description found in the REDI:
"Fiberiffic Energy System is a new patented insulation process which
utilizes a water based latex binder with is expended into a foam and and
combined with almost any fibers or insulation particles."
Does anybody have experience with this product?

Eric D. Hart			
Community Eco-design Network	
PO Box 6241  
Minneapolis, MN  55406-6241   USA		
(612) 306-2326 

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