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Re: GBlist: Below Grade EPS (was re: Recycled XPS)

>Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 08:21:32 -0700
>To: Marc.J.Rosenbaum@valley.net (Marc J. Rosenbaum), 
>From: Hal Levin <hlevin@cruzio.com>
>Subject: Re: GBlist: Below Grade EPS (was re: Recycled XPS)
>At 07:41 AM 4/22/97 EDT, Marc Rosenbaum wrote:
>  Rigid mineral wool board by Roxul is
>>becoming available - 800 265-6878 - and their below grade product is called
>>Drainboard, because it is amazingly hydrophobic, so it insulates and
drains the
>>This stuff is amazing.  It is 8 pounds/ft3.  Their Cavity Rock product is a
>>semi-rigid batt for masonry cavity walls - I stuck a piece underwater
>>under a weight, and it absorbed almost no water.  A competing product from USG
>>was like a sponge.  Both had similar ratings according to the ASTM test for
>>water absorption!
>        * The hydroscopic (or hydrophobic) properties of fiberglass were
reported to be affected significantly by the cleanliness (or dirtyness) of
the fiberglass by research reported at ASHRAE's "IAQ'89." There were two
papers. I believe one of the two author's names was West - he was first
author on one paper, second author on the other. Clean fiberglass took up
little moisture from the air, dirty fiberglass took up much. Once the
fiberglass had been wet, it took up moisture more quickly. Note: This is all
from memory since I am away from my office and don't have the articles at
hand. The publication is available from ASHRAE, 404 636 8400, or www.ashrae.org.
>        Hal
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