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GBlist: Re: Hal's ASTM Green Building Std Guide "rant"

 -- RE --  Consensus Standards Rant -- Hal --

Well done as usual -- I for one appreciate the response
obtained regarding the recent ASTM debacle. 

Several people have suggested forming a standards working
group and going elsewhere than ASTM, perhaps into a coordinated
effort with the US Green Building Council, EEBA, GreenSeal and others.

Properly organized and tracked, a new consensus body formed could
create a good standard guide and then submit it to ANSI without
the same level of "baggage" the aforementioned groups bring
to the table.  This would take work and funding I know, but somehow
it really needs to happen.

I would also like the group's opinions on builder certification
by HBA / BIA groups that use an NAHB developed "green building"
manual and implementation assistance.  One of the rationale for
essentially disbanding the ASTM TG efforts is that such a manual
and support structure is being developed for home builders that
"will provide credible support to a green building process," and
that with a sound voluntary process no regulations are needed.

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