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GBlist: No suggestions for seaside erosion control?

It is rare that a request for input fails to get any response from this
group. Perhaps its the subject, or maybe we are all inlanders like me. But
I'll try again in the event there may be some suggestions for Susan in
Maine who has now joined our ranks in the event of a reply.

Susan writes:

I thought you might be able to help me with an outside issue or that you
might know someone who could.  It has to do with hillside erosion and
controlling it ..I would appreciate any info you might have.

The rise of the area is 30ft, the length 100ft, the slope approximately 70
degrees. The slope is regular soil, with scattered choke cherry trees, a
shad tree, mimosa and bittersweet.

Over the years, people have dumped both man made debris and yard waste over
resulting in a tangled mess. Of course because of this there are only
pockets of debris that have been able to break down and the bottom soil
harbors little ground growth.

My problem is there is a lot written about the planting recommended for such
slopes but not anything on how to get it healthy to begin restructure and

I took it upon myself to drag all the dead and tangled branches, limbs and
leaves to try and sort them into compostable piles. I hope I didn't do more
damage than good!

Lastly, the slope faces west and is located in Plymouth, MA.

Ron Hughes
P.O. Box 251416
Little Rock, AR 72225
501.666.4377 biz
501.666.8676 fax

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