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Re: GBlist: HEPA-filter vacuum cleaners

Marilyn asked:
>Would those water vacuum cleaners be good?....  

John said:
>The more-efficient portable vacuums (HEPA or water) are fairly expensive...

I'll say don't waste your money on a water-based vacuum.  Consumer Reports
did a study semi-recently and found water vacs did a far worse job than most
other vacs at getting out even semi-small stuff.  Just think about the water
systems. The air bubbles that are supposed to be filtered by the water are
so large compared to the particles we are concerned about that these
particles effectively don't see the water at all. (Not to mention adding
moisture to the air and/or to these particles.)

Simple experiment.  Take a big drag off a cigarette, then blow through a
straw in a glass of water.  Does any smoke come out of the bubbles when they
reach the surface?  (Don't smoke?  Find a bar and have someone there do the
experiment. Hint: Use their beer, not yours.)

I'm with John.  If you are really concerned, install a central vacuum system
that exhausts outside. Then get rid of carpets so you can thoroughly sweep
and damp mop often.

Craig DeWitt
Clemson University

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