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GBlist: November 5-8, 1997 EEBA Conference "Call for Papers"

<< Friends of Energy Efficiency and Resourceful Building >>

By now you hopefully have received a copy of the EEBA call
for papers by snail mail.  A companion Internet version
will be available soon on the EEBA web-site.

It describes the process by which you may submit an abstract
for a technical, applications, marketing or policy paper or
presentation for consideration by the Conference review committee.

If you would like a copy of the call for papers brochure and forms
sent to you right away, please send a brief message to:


     message:  1997 Conference Call for Papers
          ( your name, affiliation, address, phone/FAX #s )

This message will also serve to update EEBA's mailing
list, which is NEVER sold to list services.  Please
indicate if you do NOT ever wish to receive other 
materials from groups with whom EEBA exchanges lists.

PS >>
If you or your firm does workshops and training, please contact
Marilou Cheple, Senior Program Manager, to discuss applications
to hold such a special event in synch with the Conference. Ms.
Cheple can be reached at EEBA HQ> (612) 851-9940.

Thank you for your consideration.  This message was posted
to three lists.  Repost with care, or contact EEBA first.
  >=- Bion

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