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GBlist: recycled water standards

Proposals are currently being proposed in the UK for water quality standards
for recycled systems (greywater use for toilet flushing ). At present the
only standards are for drinking water.

Does anyone have information on standards adopted in other parts of the globe
for water restricted to certain uses , such as toilet flushing or garden
watering ?

Footnote; There is some debate about whether the zero level for coliform
counts (especially faecal coliform) that is usually adopted for drinking
water should be used for such systems. Standards in Europe for bathing water
at the seaside allow for 2000 count/100ml, for example, & I understand that
some Australian authorities allow a small coliform count for such systems,
whilst California is quite strict on irrigation water quality for edible
crops.  The debate tends to centre around the "what if a young child decides
to take a drink from the toilet bowl senario"...

Matthew Hill

Leeds Environmental Design Associates.
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