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GBlist: Not a party to no OSB class action suits, not me

This is rather important. I hope that none of you on this list , or
anywhere else (I'm not usually so dogmatic) get burned with this
L-P have to date put $370 million into a class action settlement to
dumbo's like me who some years ago specified "Innerseal" for exactly the
reasons that you gave, Fred.

Dear Bruce,

Hey, I agree. The stuff I like is structural 7/16", and 3/4" T&G. I know
and concurr that the weather exposed stuff is junk and if you had quoted
just one more line from my comment, we could all be happy. As a
renovator, I got cheap lessons in the horror of manufactured siding from
other people's Masonite siding. It is a wonder why L-P did not learn
from that boo-boo.

Interestingly, I built a big garage for someone years ago and used the
3/4" T&G panels for a roof deck. The own did not get around to roofing
the building for a year. The OSB was still sound after that exposure
(Vermont is pretty wet) and it impressed me. It would have been pretty
ugly if painted as a finish material though.

So once again for clarity. 
OSB structural panels-GOOD. 
OSB exterior painted siding-BAD.

My condolenses to you, Fred
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