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GBlist: Malathion update

Thank you for your comments pro and con.  Since I have no choice, I want 
very much to believe this will have no long-lasting ill effects.  I 
tend, however, to be naturally suspicious of governmental reassurances.

My son, dog and I spent the day outside the spray zone until about 2pm 
today.  I was determined NOT to be around when they sprayed.  When we 
got home, we couldn't tell if it had been sprayed or not, so we put the 
dog in the house just in case and went to the library.

I got out of the truck to read the sign (closed).  I had no sooner 
gotten back in my vehicle when the two choppers came roaring right above 
our heads, spewing poison behind them. Luckily (?), we rolled the 
windows up real quickly.  Our truck got splattered with tiny orange 
dots.  I felt very fortunate that we had not been directly sprayed.

I had not heard of any possible side effects, as our news stations 
painted a glowing picture of harmlessness.  But what did happen is 
within 5 minutes I had a low-grade headache and stinging eyes, and so 
did my son. They haven't gone away yet, and now we have mild sore 
throats.  Only 7 more weeks of this and we'll be lucky if we don't glow 
in the dark.  But the citrus farmers will be thrilled.

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