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Re: GBlist: Dangers of CCA Pressure Treated Wood

>Trex has been mentioned.  It is a product which has a solid cross-section 
>like a board.  In the latest Journal of light Construction, I see an ad for a
>product called TimberTech which has a T&G profile and a much reduced
>cross-section - its section has a top and three vertical pieces which hang
>down.  If it has reasonable span capabilites, it would be worth checking 
>out -
>much less material.  Web site (I haven't been there) www.TimberTech.com.
>Marc Rosenbaum

We have a sample here. Seems interesting. Trouble is, it's made from 
virgin plastic!

And someone made this comment about Trex:
>2 - There's probably no way to ever get rid of the stuff.

Mobil used to claim that they would take back any extra or waste product 
and re-extrude it into new Trex. I don't know if Trex LLC still makes 
that claim, or who would pay the shipping costs.


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