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Re: GBlist: vapor permeability

In a message dated 6/14/97 3:21:26 PM, qlnmgs@snet.net (Michael Schulde)

<<My wife and I are interested in building a new home this fall, but 
have been getting mixed information regarding vapor permeability of

Some sources recommend super-insulation with a vapor barrier on the
inside.  Others seem to indicate that adequate insulation can handle the
vapor and still be effective - while making for a healthier house.  

Is this open to debate, or is there research indicating a clear best


The answer to your question "is there clear research?" is yes.  The answer to
what you should do is - it depends on the climate where the house will be
built plus a number of other variables like moisture sources inside and
outside, seasonal dynamics, is the house air conditioned, air pressure
relationships, intentional and unintentional airflows.  For starters though,
where will the house be built? - Terry Brennan
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